Professional Risk Management

has performed services for law firms and Fortune 500 companies. PRM has also consulted and performed training for federal and state law enforcement and corrections agencies as well as the US Intelligence Community. PRM’s expertise has been sought after by government, industry, academia and the media.

PRM holds its client relationships as strictly confidential, unless the matter is part of a public record, and then makes no public comment without the express concurrence of the client.

Our Clients

» USDA-OIG; United States Department of Agriculture – Office of Inspector General

» U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations

» U.S. Department of Justice

   – Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

   – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Our Partners

» Society of Former Special Agents

» (ADP) Automatic Data Processing

» Outsolve

» (WIFLE) Women In Federal Law Enforcement

» (BIG) Blockchain Intelligence Group

» (NABNA) National Association of Black Narcotic Agents