Professional Risk Management, Inc.

Financial Investigative Services

For decades, PRM has provided government and industry clients with financial expertise, consulting, staffing and related asset forfeiture support services.

PRM News

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (BIGG) subsidiary Blockchain Intelligence Group Provides Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator Training to Professional Risk Management, Inc.

PRM Clients

PRM has performed services for law firms and Fortune 500 companies. PRM has also consulted and performed training for federal and state law enforcement and corrections agencies as well as the US Intelligence Community.

What We Do

Professional Risk Management, Inc., best known as PRM, is a professional “due diligence” firm that specializes in providing expert financial investigative services and related staffing solutions sought by Government and industry.

"Her guidance has led to seizures approaching 4 million dollars, as well as, the pending indictments for approximately 8 defendants. Again, (PRM's SFI) has been extremely generous in her time to assist my case agents and me in understanding the process of money laundering, and how we can use that knowledge to gain successful seizures and prosecutions."

DEA Supervisor, Chicago Division

"(PRM's SFI) is a natural leader and has been the lead analyst on several international Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force/Consolidated Priority Organization Target money laundering investigations. He is an expert in every facet of his job as he sets the standard by which others in his field are measured."

DEA Supervisor, Houston Division