In August and December 2023, Professional Risk Management, Inc. (PRM), a Virginia-based Veteran-Owned financial investigations services company was selected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and awarded the multi-year Asset Forfeiture Investigative Support Services (AFISS) IDIQ contract and task orders to provide expert financial investigations, anti-money laundering and asset forfeiture support to the financial crimes missions of the FBI and DEA.  PRM brings its decades of financial support to the Department of Justice and the federal law enforcement community providing premier financial investigative services and top-echelon staffing.

PRM was founded in 2001 by James E. Kibble, Bill Tucker and Jack Taylor, and joined by Terry Parham, each former law enforcement executives of the FBI and DEA.  Their extensive corporate leadership and financial services successes for government clients is unmatched and indicative of these award selections by the FBI and DEA.  “Providing our expertise to attack and dismantle criminal financial networks is what we do best!  We are proud to offer our nationally recognized services to the FBI, DEA, and previously to the US Marshals and the Small Business Administration-Office of the Inspector General”, added PRM Founding Partner Jim Kibble.

PRM is an Equal Opportunity Employer and proudly provides quality professional contract services that best serve the American public.

Contact: Terry Parham